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LDR Takeover

LDR Takeover was another version of the voting platforms we provided broadcasters with. When stations enable Takeover it allows listeners to visit the station website and vote on the songs they want to hear play next. Working with the station's automation system, our technology would send the winning songs to the radio station for an entire block of programming and in same cases 24/7.

Needing a refresh in design and features I began to redesign and build out an updated version of Takeover. With added features such as Badges, Recently Played and New Music, we were able to really lift the on site experience of Takeover. Also, integrating Rovi artist data provided through their API brought the experience to the next level for listeners.

Takeover Preview Image 1 Takeover Preview Image 2 Takeover Preview Image 3 Takeover Preview Image 4 Takeover Preview Image 5 Takeover Preview Image 6 Takeover Preview Image 7