Scribble Logo Redesign

Coming into my new role at Progressive, the Commercial website was in need of updating. The personal lines team was already on version 2 of their White Horse template and Commercial was still using a dated template. Making sure to cover all our bases, I worked with various groups ranging from design and business to IT and content.

More than just a redesign, I also coordinated with the content team to map out a stronger site architecture. Moving away from a single directory (/insurance/) to house our pages to a more bifurcated architecture (/commercial-auto-insurance/ & /business-insurance/) to aid in navigation and SEO.

Additionally, I worked closely with design on hand crafting new modules specific to Progressive Commercial. Then onto development where I built out the modules and created Commercial specific Masterpages. Working with IT, the redesign rolled out about eight months after the initial kickoff.

PCA Preview Image 1 PCA Preview Image 2 PCA Preview Image 3 PCA Preview Image 4